Sunday, November 8, 2009

Approaches to Complex Systems

In this talk George Francis provides an overview of different approaches to the study of complex adaptive systems. The talk is interesting in that he draws as much on social science theorizing as that developed in the natural sciences. World System Theory, in particular, is discussed at length.

He is also the author of 'Models for Sustainability Emerge in an Open Systems Context,' an article covering much the same ground.


  1. This is an incredible video. The breadth of what this man knows so fluently about natural and social science is astounding. Unfortunately, I couldn't get this video to buffer past 37 minutes, so I can't get the last third of the talk. Is this video hosted on another site? I have downloaded the article as well. It's interesting that he chose Wallerstein's World Systems theory as his focus, but you'll notice that Niklas Luhmann is up there under social systems theory as well.

  2. Strange, it works ok for me.

    Anyway, the original is on google video at

    I'd hoped for more Luhmann also :+)