Saturday, January 16, 2010

Transition Towns in—of all places. . . Calgary!

A Short Film about what Transition Calgary are up to

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The Transition Town movement is spreading like wildfire in Canada. Three years ago, before I even applied for residency in Canada, I first pondered the idea of doing research on Transition Towns and related issues. At that time there were no known groups in Canada, and I thought I would have to conduct my research in the UK where the movement started. When I applied to UNB in 2008, there was only one known group in Canada, in Peterborough, Ontario.

There are now more than a dozen groups across Canada. Of course, you would expect British Columbia to be the frontrunners of this movement, where there are four groups: Nelson, Victoria, Powell River, with Village Vancouver soon to gain official status. But there are seven groups in Ontario: Peterborough, London, Guelph, Ottawa, Dundas, Oakville, and Barrie. Montréal is the first that I know of in Quebec. There is an official group in Cocagne, New Brunswick, and possibly others brewing in St Andrews and Fredericton. I'm sure there's a dozen more on the backburner that we haven't heard from yet.

In some ways, the Transition Towns movement is tailor-made for Canadian culture. It emphasizes mutual help and a stoic acceptance of tough conditions. It is civically engaged but non-confrontational. It encourages thrift and a do-it-yourself ethic. I feel certain now that Transition Towns is going to be a very successful model for climate activism in Canada.

And now, Transition Nova Scotia! Every time I turn around there's another one. The list just keeps growing. . .

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