Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Transition Towns and Climate Camp come together in Heathrow

Heathrow was the site of the first big Climate Camp protest in England, which stopped the expansion of the Heathrow airport. But there is also Heathrow, the village, and the locals who live there have started their own Transition Towns group called Transition Heathrow. Transition Towns is normally not an activist movement, but focuses on practical solutions to climate change and peak oil in the form of locally grown food, energy conservation and green transportation. And Climate Camp usually focuses on large-scale regional campaigns to shut down coal-fired power plants. It is not normally focused on local development issues. But in the Grow Heathrow project, these two movements have come together in an extraordinary way. On the land that was supposed to be turned into the expanded airport, there was a large greenhouse that had been abandoned. Transition Heathrow and Climate Camp got together to clean up the greenhouse and begin to grow food there. The video they made of their initial efforts is wonderful.

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