Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NB to Hit GHG Emissions Reductions by 2012

There's something to cheer about this morning. In 2001, the four Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, and the six New England States promised to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses to 1990 levels by 2010. That promise was part of a regional climate change action plan. Although New Brunswick did not reach its promised emissions reductions by the proposed date of 2010, it is on target to reach its emissions reductions goal by 2012, according to David Coon of the Conservation Council.

"Meanwhile, New Brunswick's Conservation Council said New Brunswick had implemented much of what it agreed to and is on target to cut emissions to 1990 levels by 2012.

The list includes significant reductions in methane releases from landfills and the retirement of a coal-fired power plant by NB Power. The council says the utility is also halfway to meeting its legal requirements to supply 10 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources."

David said that all the Provinces and States have made significant headway in meeting emissions reduction targets from power generation, but where they have failed is in the transport sector. The best piece of news in that sector is that the Provinces are planning to implement stricter auto emissions standards to bring down GHG's from cars and trucks. There are also planned incentives for electric and hybrid vehicles. The weakest policy by far is underinvestment in the public transit system. David praised the extension of bus service outside the Saint John city limits to the its close suburbs, but much greater investments could be made to increase public transit throughout the Province. (I listened to David Coons on CBC Radio 1 this morning.)

I'm still hoping they don't cut Acadian Bus service in Charlotte County and Mirimichi.

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