Monday, February 28, 2011

Fracking in NB

New Brunswick, compared to many areas of the world, has experienced relatively little oil and gas exploration. However, the past few years have seen an uptick in interest in shale based gas (see map above). As a result of a controversy surrounding oil and gas exploration around Sackville, hydro-fracking was a significant, albeit minor, issue in the last New Brunswick election.

The NYTimes has a long article, Regulation Lax as Gas Wells’ Tainted Water Hits Rivers, based on a significant amount of investigative research documenting the negative effects of fracking as a method of extracting gas. Limiting the ability to explore, as the Sackville residents achieved, is wisest. But, where exploration does occur, the need for significantly greater regulation is obvious.


  1. This is a really informative map because it shows that NB shale gas is miniscule compared to similar resources in the US and Alta/Sask. Why is the industry showing any interest in such a small resource? Is it because the Province has historically been willing to bend over backwards for any kind of industrial venture?

  2. The map shows the size of the basin, not the size of the potential reserve. But, that aside, encouraging drilling does fit with the provincial vision of itself as an energy hub.

  3. The community open forum on Fracking that went on last week with a presentation from the conservation council along with a Q&A/Open Forum with the attendees, Stephanie from the Conservation Council and SWN's Tom Alexandre was video recorded and can be found here: