Friday, June 24, 2011

Bill Freudenburg Tribute Sites

Some of you are, no doubt, aware that noted environmental sociologist William Freudenburg died of cancer last December at the age of 59.

A video tribute site, with lots of interesting material related to Bill's work, is now available.

Specifically, there are the following items:
1) Bill in His Own Words (interview of Bill done in November 2010)
2) The Legacy of Bill (tributes from colleagues who attended Freudenfest)
3) Bill's Blowout in the Gulf Lecture (lecture on his latest book, November 2010)
4) 12 class lectures by Bill, part of his "ENVS 1 Intro to Environmental Studies" course

While the class lectures are nominally 'introductory' material they are informed by Bill's own research and full of unique and unusual insights. Some of his last work placed a special emphasis on “disproportionality,” or the tendency for a major fraction of all environmental impacts to be associated with a surprisingly small fraction of the overall economy as covered in Structural Factors and the Double Diversion: I=PAT and beyond embedded below. (Note: the recording quality on some of the class lectures isn't great and you have to turn the volume all the way up.)

ENVS 1: Structural Factors and the Double Diversion: I=PAT and beyond (Freudenburg 9-30-10) from Environmental Studies UCSB on Vimeo.

Finally, photos of and memories about Bill, testimonials to the personal impact Bill had on their lives and other such things are here.

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