Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Muller Confirms Climate Change

Berkeley Physicist Richard Muller and his BEST team (Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Study) have finished their analysis of global temperature studies and have come to a startling conclusion: the Earth is warming substantially, it is largely man-made warming, and the temperature factors cited by the climate skeptics, including Anthony Watts, have at best only a marginal effect on global warming. And this is coming from a KOCH BROS. FUNDED STUDY on climate change, which was undertaken for the purpose of REFUTING the climate change thesis. Furthermore, Muller and his team found that some of the temperature data reported thus far has UNDER-reported the amount of warming that has already taken place.

"Climate Progress actually broke this story back in March — see Exclusive: Berkeley temperature study results “confirm the reality of global warming and support in all essential respects the historical temperature analyses of the NOAA, NASA, and HadCRU.” That was based on an email Climatologist Ken Caldeira sent me after seeing their preliminary results and a public talk by Muller confirming:
  • “We are seeing substantial global warming”
  • “None of the effects raised by the [skeptics] is going to have anything more than a marginal effect on the amount of global warming.”
But now the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Study have completed their “independent” analysis of all of the temperature stations and found a rate of warming since the 1950s as high NOAA and NASA and faster than the (much maligned) UK Hadley/CRU data:

data analysis graph

I had posted on this story back in March myself on this EcoSoc blog. My money was on Muller, who I believed was a scientist with integrity who wanted to rigorously test the climate change thesis. The kicker was that he took money from the Koch Brothers to finance the project. My hunch was that he would end up proving that the climate change deniers were wrong, that the climate really was warming, and that this would be the ultimate kick in the skeptics' crotch: using Koch Bros. money to refute their own campaign of lies and disinformation. Bravo, Dr. Muller.

Ironically, Muller even discusses the reality of peak oil, as a liquid fuel shortage, but which he believes can be replaced by compressed natural gas.


  1. From the BEST press release "What Berkeley Earth has not done is make an independent assessment of how much of the observed warming is due to human actions, Richard Muller acknowledged".

    So your statement that "it is largely man-made warming" could not be supported by the BEST study as it was not part of that study. BEST produced a temperature record - they did not try to assess what caused any changes.


  2. Seems Dr Judith Curry, co-author is now Flaming mad a Muller and calling what he did a second "Climategate"

  3. Why has Muller side-stepped the normal peer review process to declare his "global warming still happening" scam, while his own data clearly shows no change during the past ten years of increasing carbon dioxide.

    At least his own co-author, Judith Curry has come out to say she does not agree and wasn't consulted on the media propaganda shenanigans.

    It is either complete incompetence or something even worse in the way that the past decade's data has been misrepresented. Check the details yourself and you decide.

    Hide the decline 2 ?

    Steve T

  4. The Deniers can't take it that the Earth really is warming and it is the result of the activities of humans.

  5. heh- the warmist ejaculations are premature.
    prepare for triumphal martyr gabble.
    BEST shows no warming for the past decade.

  6. BEST shows that AGW adherents are so certain that the skeptics are idiots that Muller felt he could release a summary of results unsupported by the data, and get away with it. Now he's hoist on his own petard.

    Oh, and the skeptics will no doubt concede the main point of BEST now, i.e., that it's the best land temperature record available.

    No doubt the skeptics will want to perform more due diligence before automatically assuming that the BEST temp records appear to indicate a cessation of global warming for the last decade, however. Jumping to conclusions would be poor science...

  7. It's the Sun, you idiots!