Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bill Rees on Growth Resilience and Ecological Decline

This fifteen minute interview with Canadian ecologist Bill Rees sums it all up with regard to energy, ecology, and civilization. He mostly talks about the cultural mythology of growth and how that must be replaced with another story about adapting to limits. What's especially enlightening is his view of 'resilience', which he calls a 'double-edge sword.' The amazing human capacity for adaptation and resilience as a response to numerous ecological challenges is exactly what got us to this point in global civilization; but our capacity for resilience may also prevent us from successfully scaling the largest challenge we face: a civilization that is in perpetual decline due to a loss of energy sources, and climate change that challenges the food supply.

[ Bill Rees // Why We're in Denial ] from Extraenvironmentalist on Vimeo.

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