Thursday, January 17, 2013

Heinberg on Energy and the End of Growth

Richard Heinberg speaks at the Bioneers Conference in Chicago, 2012. He brings together four issues: economic growth, peak energy, financial debt and climate change, and discusses some of their interactive feedbacks. On the end of growth, he talks about alternative energy systems, Gross National Happiness, relocalization and worker coops as a pattern for degrowth. One small difference from previous presentations: he gave a new definition of resilience. He said that resilience consists of "absorbing shock and being able to resume normal functioning after reorganization." This is a small but critical change from all prior definitions of resilience that I've come across. "Reorganization" is an opening for processes of transition and transformation—change. Heinberg's speech was broadcast on Alex Smith's Radio Ecoshock. P.S. It's a surprisingly positive and hopeful speech.

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