Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter and the Environment: Chicks vs. Bilby

A brief look at two different frames for linking Easter and the environment.

 In the US, The NYTimes has an interesting story describing the emerging trend of coloring the chick rather than the Easter egg.

"The dye is either injected in the incubating egg or sprayed on the hatchling, and while poultry farmers say it is harmless, many people object, saying it turns live birds into holiday playthings that are quickly discarded."

The Guardian weighs in with the view from Australia:
"Instead of rabbits to represent Easter, conservationists in Australia aim to replace the Easter bunny with the Easter bilby. This rare native marsupial is on the threatened species list, with as few as 600 of the animals left in the wild. Its habitat is being destroyed by rabbits, which were introduced to Australia and are now seen as a pest."


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