Saturday, April 7, 2012

Freudenburg's Legacy

 One of the major figures in environmental sociology, William Freudenburg, passed away in December 2010.

The current issue (Volume 2, Number 1, March 2012) of the Journal for Environmental Studies and Sciences (JESS) is devoted entirely to an assessment of his legacy. Its available for free during the month of April at

Here's a rundown of the Table of Contents for the volume which has been
edited by Debra J. Davidson and Riley E. Dunlap

  • Introduction: Building on the legacy contributions of William R. Freudenburg in environmental studies and sociology by Debra J. Davidson and Riley E. Dunlap

  • Beyond the society/nature divide: building on the sociology of William Freudenburg by Raymond Murphy and Riley E. Dunlap

  • Social change in natural resource-based rural communities: the evolution of sociological research and knowledge as influenced by William R. Freudenburg by Richard S. Krannich

  • Dependence, diversity, and the well-being of rural community: building on the Freudenburg legacy by Richard C. Stedman, Mike N. Patriquin and John R. Parkins

  • A collective hunch? Risk as the real and the elusive by Eugene A Rosa and Lee Clarke

  • Freudenburg on technological risks: transcendent or titanic? by Margarita V. Alario

  • A bridge to somewhere: William Freudenburg, environmental sociology, and disaster research by Kathleen Tierney

  • The double diversion: mapping its roots and projecting its future in environmental studies by Debra J. Davidson and Don Grant

  • William R. Freudenburg as student by Kai Erikson

  • Bill Freudenburg as a colleague by Robert Gramling

  • William R. Freudenburg and interdisciplinary innovation by Walter Rosenbaum

  • William R. Freudenburg as a teacher and mentor by Dana R. Fisher

  • Publications of William R. Freudenburg: books, articles, and book chapters compiled by Riley E. Dunlap

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