Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Blogs for Sociology and Complexity Science

Dr. Castellani, currently a professor of Sociology at Kent State, Ohio, has a blog dedicated to Sociology and Complexity Science. Interestingly, Dr. Castellani's background also includes extensive studies in psychology and visual arts. His Art & Science Factory includes his diverse interests in popular art and the social complexity of public health. The blog itself is loaded with fantastic art. His book on Sociology and Complexity Science looks like a good overview of the field, with a related website that gets into the specifics of complexity theories and models.

A related blog is Aaron Bramson's Complexity Blog that features Agent-Based Modeling.

And don't be embarrassed to take a look at the Wikipedia page on Sociology and Complexity Science. It's really a very good overview of the history of social complexity theory, it's related theories, schools and authors.

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  1. This is interesting stuff. I particularly liked the art and the Wikipedia representations of the different theory groups. I was taken by the extent to which the story is one of connection between math/physics/computer science and sociology. With the exception of Stuart Kauffman there isn't any obvious biology/environment connection.