Friday, October 30, 2009

Cdn Bill Rees on Urban Ecology and "Smart Decline"

Bill Rees, creator of the "ecological footprint," gave a lecture at the 2009 Gaining Ground Summit in Vancouver on the evolution of cities and "smart decline," or "planning down", i.e. planning for a descent in consumption, not just in fuel, but all consumer goods and natural resources. He opens with one of the most original and revelatory statements I've heard on the evolution of cities.

Smart Decline in CD Quality

You should definitely put "Radio Ecoshock" from Vancouver on your short list of "must listen to" podcasts. It's the only site I've found that regularly features interviews and presentations of actual climate scientists from around the world on climate change issues. If you want the latest on climate science, check out Alex Smith's podcast.

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  1. Looks interesting.

    Maybe related, makes me think of Flint, Michigan -- a declining industrial city where they are planting forests in abandoned neighbourhoods to adapt to population decline.

    You can click here for the story.